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Red Ginger and white orchid tropical arrangement

Ginger Orchid Tropical

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This is a large red ginger and white orchid arrangement

This baskets is filled with stalks of red ginger and white dendrobium orchids.  The arrangement is well over 3 feet tall. Will make a statement where ever it goes.  This is not something we keep in stock please make sure to call and order this at least a day in advance.


Many people like to give the ginger flower as a gift. This is usually as an alternative to the standard bouquet of roses. To some, the fiery reds that many ginger flowers exhibit are an expression of passion, love, and a strong bond between lovers. The ginger flower is mostly a symbol of strength; however, whatever color you choose – from the bold red to a mellow white – can be paired with the significance of the flower itself. There are many ways to give this flower as a gift. For example, you could present it to the recipient as a garland for the neck or hair; clip a single fresh blossom, or give it as a pressed token; or simply give them a potted ginger to keep and grow for a long time to come.

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